So I bought the game today and tried to run it. It runs in a tiny window, and I have a nice 1920x1080 monitor so I want it full screen. I tried all 3 options for the full screen, and here is what one did. Native just made it so my screen resolution was 1366x768, and I could not move my mouse kept teleporting every time I moved it into the center of the screen (where the buttons are). Stretched actually made it so my resolution was 1920x1080, but the issue with my teleporting mouse still existed. Bordered just made the screen look like it was windowed without my wallpaper, same teleporting mouse issue still. I then tried to go into settings and manually set my resolution. I put in 1920x1080 and put a 1 by manual. All it did was make my resolution 1366x768 and my mouse still teleported. It was just like the native setting. Why is my game acting like this, does anyone know how I can fix it?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.